Espace Franco (for English parents)

Here you will find various resources to support your child’s learning in French. Our educational advisers, Mrs. Sylvette Fillion and Mrs. Michelle Hunter, hope that this space will be useful for you.
 Visit this page often, as resources will be added regularly!

Madame Michelle’s “Capsules”!

Watch madame Michelle’s video clips (More to come regularly)
Madame Michelle raconte: 

Madame Sylvette recommends the following resources:

(*Generally, the ressources are free. )

Preshcool – Grade 3 Elementary Junior-Senior High All levels
Image result for attrappe nombre

Math games (P-3)

Mini TFO, le site éducatif pour les enfants de 2 à 6 ans
Vidéos, movies, games (P-3)
Online activities /apps Image result for khan academy site activitésPersonnalized Learning Image result for idello site activités

Vidéos, resources  and applications

Image result for radio canada zone jeunesse

Shows, games, apps

Image result for jeux polygone

Math games
(ID : covid, PW: 19)


Activities/ educ. games (P-3)

Mon cartable

Activities (multiple subjects)

1st – 8th grade audio dictations

Image result for curio site activités

Educational platform

Image result for alloprof site activités

Homework help and more!

Image result for du plaisir pour lire

Reading Activities (P-3)

Image result for abracadabra site activités

Activities and books (P-3)


Free books

Image result for tfo site activités

Vidéos, movies, games

Amélioration du français  

Educational games

Image result for L'Escouade des monstres-maths

Math Capsules (P-3)

Image result for radio canada zone des pettits

Shows, games, apps (P-3)
Math (elementary)
Multiplication tables activities
Image result for la souris web

La souris-web – 
Activities  K-12

Image result for edumédiaSciences (elem./sec.)
ID : covid19, PW : edumedia 
Image result for logiciel educatif frEducational games (P-3) Image result for la grenouille méditationLa grenouille, meditation for kids (vidéo) University of Alberta Libraries LogoOn-line Educational Ressources, K – 12 (Bibliothèque Saint-Jean)  

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