Programs and Services


Francophone first language education.

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Francophone Preschool

CSNO schools offer a preschool program. Each school offers their respective model. For general information about the preschool program click here. Please contact school principals for further information.

Fulltime kindergarten

CSNO schools offer a 475 hour kindergarten program. Each school offers their respective model. Please contact school principals for further information.

An optional “Francisation” or French language support program, approved by Alberta Education, is also available. For parents who so choose, this adds a minimum of 400 hours.

English Language Arts

Students begin English instruction in Grade 3 and follow the same English Language Arts curriculum as students enrolled in all schools in Alberta. English Language Arts is delivered for one hour per day, as prescribed by Alberta Education.

Teachers specializing in English Language Arts instruction ensure student success.

Students are expected to acquire balanced bilingualism, one of the objectives of French first language education in Alberta.

Assessment results demonstrate that student achievement in CSNO schools mirrors that of students enrolled in other jurisdictions in Alberta.


Francisation – French language support
Francophone schools provide students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and abilities necessary to become independent and responsible citizens capable of contributing to the vitality of the francophone community and society as a whole.

Cultural experiences in francophone schools nurture language acquisition, identity and a sense of belonging to the francophone community.

CSNO schools respect students’ individual needs and assist them to learn, maintain and master the French language, develop their identity and integrate into the francophone community.

Special Needs

CSNO recognizes that each child is unique and learns differently, and that student achievement is attained with programming responsive to the individual needs of students. Whether special needs or enrichment, some students require additional support to reach their full potential.

A Special Education consultant at CSNO assists teachers in employing effective strategies to manage program modification, Personal Intervention Plans and other differentiation techniques in their classrooms.

Distance Education

CSNO offers support for students and their parents who choose to study Distance Education courses as prescribed by Alberta Education.