“École Héritage was a supportive and motivating environment which provided me with the tools I needed for effective personal and academic growth. The teachers, students and the school community encouraged and inspired me to be who I am today. They helped me accomplish my dreams. Indeed, my experience at École Héritage has enabled me to obtain a dynamic position with the provincial government, a position which allows me to work in both English and French

Cindie LeBlanc, graduate

“École Héritage allowed me to develop my francophone identity. Before that, I was not at ease affirming myself as a francophone. French was simply a language I spoke at home with my family. My education at École Héritage gave me the confidence to pursue postsecondary studies in French both in Quebec and at Campus Saint-Jean, University of Alberta.   I am now the mother of three children with whom I share my cultural pride and demonstrate that one is able to live in French, even in a predominantly English province.

Karen Lambert, graduate and member of the École Héritage School Council.